10 Simple ways to get Regional VISA Subclass 489

10 Simple ways to get Regional VISA Subclass 489

10 simple ways to get regional visa subclass 489

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To get any type of visa, it is very important that you follow the entire application processing. In case, you are planning to get regional visa subclass 489 then it would be beneficial to seek the help of the migration agents. Read the given topics to know the easy ways of getting the visa.

Australian Government has offered 2 kinds of visas to applicants under the category of subclass 489.

  • First: Permanent Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
  • Second: Temporary skilled regional (provisional) visas

With the skilled regional visa subclass 489, the migrants can get the opportunity to stay in regional Western Australia.

What is the process of getting Visa subclass 489?

  • In the Department of Home Affairs, the candidate has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) to apply for the visa.
  • To apply for the skilled regional subclass 489 (provisional visa) it is essential that candidate should have 10 points.
  • To get the visa subclass 489 the candidate must submit all the documents along with proper evidence.
  • If there is a need to submit the EOI, then it means the applicant it getting a nomination to live in Western Australia. It is essential to have 65 score in the points test. The scores are going to be added directly in the EOI of the candidate.
  • In the skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489, the candidate should have ten points.
  • In the nomination is for occupation then it is essential to have skills assessment which will help the candidate to get permanent migration. To get more information regarding the skills assessing authorities and skills assessments the candidate should visit the website of home affairs.

Contacting the migration consultant can help you get all the required information about the application processing.

Importance of English Requirement

The Australian authority who is assessing the need to check the English test results to check the skills. Additionally, there is an age requirement for this visa i.e. 45 years. The specific field you have selected for that submit the work experience.

Make sure you seek the help of the migration agent Brisbane in case you are facing any trouble.

What is the condition for the 489 visa?

  • For the test, state nomination will get an email from the WA migration services. The application form needs to be completed in 28 days.
  • In test 3 multiple questionnaires there which are going to check your knowledge regarding Western Australia. Along with that important links will be sent to you to make the work easy.
  • The $200 fess is non-refundable for this procedure.

This visa type is designed for the skilled candidate like who have a bachelor degree, honor degree, and Ph.D. Additionally, having the highest test in IELTS test, and getting an invitation in the first attempt.

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