4 Important aspects of Successful Partner VISA Application

4 Important aspects of Successful Partner VISA Application

4 Important aspects of Succesfull Partner VISA Application

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Getting a partner visa is a mind boggling task as both the partners need involvement, so much that it might affect their routines. Numerous questions on how strong and good their relationship is are asked and situational analysis is done. Documents are also required. The relationship status is verified all across and then only there can be a possibility of granting a partner visa. It is better to appoint a migration agent in this case.

Getting a partner visa is a cumbersome job. There are a number of terms and conditions attached to the primary one being to prove to the Department your relationship with your partner is continuing and you both are well committed. We shall discuss the essentials of getting a partner visa and the procedure of its application.

A migration agent, Brisbane who could probably guide you step by step, to successfully get it.

The partner visa application fees is quite high, around $7000. And the processing time for the same is approximately 15-20 months. Thus, it is advisable that all documents should be ready beforehand so that no time is wasted. With regards to all minor points involved to get a partner visa, you would gradually understand as to how important it is to appoint a migration consultant, Brisbane.

4 Pillars on How to Prove the Genuineness of your Relationship

  • Financial aspects 

If you are financially open to your partner. Maybe that you also have joint bank accounts and both partners know each other’s finances clearly and in a detailed way, could prove to the authorities on how trustworthy your relation is.

  • Commitment level

The Department will check the level at which you are committed towards your partner based on certain questionnaire that is being prepared of which a written and an oral test would be taken for evaluation.  Interviews will be held to determine the same. Case studies and situation analysis would be done and questions would be asked on facts based on you and your partner’s commitment level.

  • Social aspects

It is being verified by the social circle of the partners on how their relationship and terms are together.

A fact wherein the relationships have not lasted more than 12 months, yet can help the partner get a partner visa is said to exist in certain states like Victoria and New South Wales.

  • House-hole

The nature of your relationship Is seen from every angle and proofs on how strong and effective it is could only determine whether you would be able to get the partner visa or not.

Even if a single point of the above pillar is missed out, then it is difficult to say that the partner visa would be given to you. The application could be denied henceforth. The agents help you with every single point from writing a correct application to face and overcome the complexities of the procedure.

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