An Employer Guide For TSS Visa

An Employer Guide For TSS Visa

An Employer Guide For TSS Visa

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A few months back, the TSS visa: Subclass 482 replaced the 457 visas. Employers who are looking to sponsor overseas workers temporarily can get benefits with this visa. According to the skills and experience, the employer can offer sponsorship. Read the topic, to learn the employer guide for TSS visa.


The TSS (Temporary skill shortage) Subclass 482 visa is for the Australian employer who is facing the labor shortage. TSS visa is replaced by a 457 visa. In both these visas, there are few differences but the application process steps are the same for both.

Consult our migration agent and get all the information on how to apply for the visa and how it can benefit you. Our registered migration consultant is going to help you throughout the entire process so that nothing goes wrong.

What is included in a TSS visa?

Very first thing is that the employer needs to apply for the SBS (Standard Business Sponsor) approval. The SBS approval is valid for 5 years and gives you the option to sponsor one person for your business.

Processing time and Cost for SBS

The Processing time is around 4 to 6 weeks and the cost is $420.

Nominate the employers

In case, you have the Subclass 457 visa, then this approval can be used with a 482 visa. Just make sure it is not expired.

Then you need to nominate the job for which you are looking for an employer. You must make sure the job fits in your business and you are giving a reliable salary. Your business needs to meet the caveat which includes the size of the business, employee salary, nature of the tasks, or recent turnover.

Choose the qualified employee

The employee must be experienced or qualified enough so that they can carry out the work for which they are nominated. The occupation you choose should be a medium-term or short-term occupation mentioned in the list of TSS.

Your migration consultant is going to assess your eligibility.

Essential Requirements

You need to meet the LMT (Labour Market Testing) requirements. You need to show that you placed at least 2 advertisements which remained live for at least 21 days or around 28.

The advertisements need to be placed on the national recruitment website like SEEK, Adzuna, JobActive, Or Indeed. But the ads on social media, Linkedin, or your website won’t be accepted.

The nomination fee is around $300 and the visa fee is going to depend on which occupation is being nominated from the medium or short term list. Also, you need to pat the SAF levy when the employee is nominated. The total amount needs to be paid depending on the turnover in the last one year before the nominations are lodged:

  • Turnover: More than $10 million

SAF Levy is $1,800 for each year

  • Turnover: Less than $10 million

SAF Levy is $1,200 for each year

Is SAF lavy going to refund the cost?

Yes, but under certain circumstances which includes:

The visa and sponsorship application is approved but the employee did not come to Australia to start the work.


According to the occupation, the employee can be nominated with TSS for 1 to 4 years. In some cases, the employee can get the PR whereas others do not. Every case is different from others, so make sure to hire the immigration agent and avail of all the benefits of this visa.

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