Australia Migration with ETA Subclass 601 VISA

Australia Migration with ETA Subclass 601 VISA

Australia MIgration with ETA Subclass 601 VISA

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If you are a businessman looking for an opportunity to conduct business overseas, then migration agent Brisbane has some great news for you. Australia migration agent mentions that you can avail the Subclass 601 Visa if you fall under this category. It is a visa that authorizes the applicant to use travel permission granted by the Electronic Travel Authority. It acts as an assurance by the legislature to permit the candidate’s travel about business activities in Australia. With the Visa 601 facility, the candidate can undertake the following activities – I) work request ii) money exchange iii) enter into business contracts and audit reports iv) actively take part in business meetings and many more activities vital to business transactions. The visa holder has permission to leave and re-enter the country multiple times within the assigned time of 1 year. On each occasion of an entrance, he can remain there for 3 months at a stretch. The applicant can apply for the visa whenever his business requirements need him to do so. It can be submitted online and the formalities of the application can thankfully be completed in a matter of a few hours. It is a boon to both the country and the person who wishes to conduct business with Australia.

Conditions for ETA Subclass 601

  • The candidate must furnish a substantial international ID
  • The visa fee can be paid online
  • The applicant must have a valid email address
  • The candidate must fill the application structure

More about ETA Subclass 601

There is more to   ETA Subclass 601 –

  • You will have the permission to enter the nation on numerous occasions during your legitimacy period, provided you have valid identification.
  • You can remain in Australia for 3 months on each visit.
  • While the business guest exercises are not limited, you don’t have work rights in Australia. You can do activities related to business like handling inquiries, carrying out exchanges, go to meetings, etc.
  • You should be healthy and tuberculosis free.

This visa is a great option for people who desire to conduct business-related activities in Australia without living there permanently. As the country is an emerging business hub, the visa has helped in enhancing the business prospects of many people across the world. No doubt, it has proved to be beneficial to both the international businessmen and the Australian people and government. You can also try this option out if you are considering conducting business with Australian people without giving up your current citizenship.

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