Australian Visa 491 Process

Australian Visa 491 Process

Australian Visa 491 Process

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In this guide we are going to discuss the Australian visa 491. This visa is given to the applicants who are working in the country and their employer recommended them. After a certain time, the applicant can get the residence and eventually citizenship. So, this is great for the people seeking to have permanent residency.


People who are experienced in their respective job field and looking for an opportunity in Australia can apply for the 491 visa. This visa is point-tested and given on a provisional basis to professionals who are looking for citizenship without any problem. The best way to make sure you take the right steps is by consulting the migration agent. Our migration consultant is aware of the entire process to make sure you get the visa on time.

What is the Eligibility criteria for the subclass 491?

The Australian visa 491 is for the applicants under the age of 45 and they need to clear the English language test. The IELTS test requires a score of 6 or more to get qualified. Additionally, you can clear other exams to get a better score and you will get the chance to move to Australia.

What is the Occupational Requirement of a 491 visa?

The people who are working in sectors of the Commonwealth Skilled occupation list are eligible. According to the country’s requirements and needs, the skills list is updated. This means the country would accept the applications of people who can give back to the economy and help in the development.

What are the documents needed for submission?

  • People who want to have more points for the 491 visa need to submit a few additional documents. The applicant needs to give proof of nationality and citizenship. After that, the employment documents need to be submitted.
  • After that, there is a need for Australian Business Number (ABN) and other essential details. Your employer needs to give a referral letter that mentions your role.
  • Once you have all the documents you need to attach it along with your CV and then submit them to the embassy. The visa can be applied online via the official website. You can read in detail about the eligibility and paperwork which is mentioned on the website.

Along with the successful submission of all the documents, there is a need to fulfill the requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs.

How much time does the application process take?

The visa form to be processed, checked and approved takes around 12 weeks. The duration may change depending on the occupation type, skillset, and paperwork.

It is advised that you apply for the visa well in advance so that there is not any type of delay or something important is not missed out. For more information, contact our team of migration agents today only!

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