Best Places to Visit in Brisbane

Best Places to Visit in Brisbane

Best Places to visit in Brisbane

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Brisbane is the place to be if you love sunshine. Due to its sunny weather, it is known as the capital city of the ‘Sunshine State’. It’s a great place for having outdoor fun. If you’re an international student who wishes to gain admission to this city with fun and sun, get acquainted with the various activities which are offered here. Migration agent Brisbane offers the best advice regarding the best places to visit. If you go by the words of visa agent Australia, you will not miss out on the fun that awaits you in Brisbane.

Art and Culture

Open-air cinema (Ben &Jerry’s) –it is one of the cinemas which offer movie while you sit under the stars. The warm evenings of the city can be utilized for such fun activities. That is not all, the cinema is unique in the way it offers a variety of dishes, drinks, music concerts and free ice cream on Sunday evenings. Truly, it will be worth a visit.

Art galleries: Both the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery hold free exhibitions which feature many artists from over 30 countries, who give live performances, videos, figurative painting, and sculptures.


City sounds: it is a famous and live music program in Australia. It features performances by both local and international artists at random locations in Brisbane every week. The venues include   Queen Street Mall, South Bank and Post Office Square. The music from all genres is available for hearing and enjoyment.

Valley Fiesta is age no bar, free cultural event which sets on display the vibrant culture of the city. Live festivals that cover various areas like music, food, art, fashion, and photography make it a unique event. It is held from 23rd to 25th October.


Good food and wine show –This show which is held from 30 to October to 1 st November focuses on the joy food brings with it. The show involves chef demonstrations, wine appreciation sessions along with the presentation of international street food. You will certainly have the time of your life here. Tickets are priced at $30 and $ 25.50 with concession.

Eat Street Markets: Here you will have an out of the world eating experience as you will see mini-restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques housed in abandoned shipping containers. You have a wide range of cuisines waiting for you, right from international street food to cocktails, desserts, and boutique beers. It is held on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

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