Best Tips to Avoid RSMS Subclass 187 Visa Cancel

Best Tips to Avoid RSMS Subclass 187 Visa Cancel

Best Tips to Avoid RSMS Subclass 187 Visa Cancel

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Subclass 187 visa is a permanent visa which has certain conditions which need to be fulfilled otherwise there are high chances of cancellation of your visa. No doubt, you tried hard to get everything done right but where did things go wrong. In this topic, we have mentioned the tips to avoid visa cancellation.

There are certain conditions in which the visa can be canceled of Subclass 187. here are a few tips to avoid such a problem.

Possible conditions of Cancellation


  • Employment did not commence


If your employer did not start with the nominated position with the sponsor in the given time then your visa can get canceled. The time frames are:

– Number 1

The applicant is outside Australia when the visa is granted: 6 months from the date you entered Australia for the first time.

– Number 2

The applicant is in Australia when the visa is granted: 6 months from the date of the grant of visa.

The employed have to give information to the immigration department. For better information, you should take the help of the best migration consultant as they are aware of the entire process in detail.


  • Non-completion of 2 years


– In case your employment is terminated for the nominated position no matter what the reason is the visa can be canceled. It is necessary to stay in the nominated position for around 2 years.

– While the time is calculated the annual leave is taken into consideration to count the 2 year’s time.

– Keep in mind the time before this visa is granted with the temporary work visa will not be counted in requirement of 2 years. The time will be counted from the day you started working with the RSMS visa (subclass 187).

You should seek help from the Migration agent brisbane so that cancellation chances are minimized.

What if my employer fired me?

If the obligations are not met and you are not allowed to do the job then still visa is canceled. This can happen because of your performance not being up to the mark, affecting the business, or you did something due to which you need to leave the job before 2 years.

Is there any exception?

The department will keep in mind certain things:

  • The visa holder checks the circumstances which will check the inability to start the business or the completion of 2 years of services.
  • If the applicant is nominated for the long-time period then it is more beneficial as compared to the shorter period.
  • If the employment was genuine or the employer and as a visa holder you created necessary arrangements to get the visa.
  • All the necessary details must be fulfilled.

So, make sure your efforts are genuine and everything is done in the right way. For further information or help, you can consult our agents.

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