Business Owner Visa 890

Subclass 890 Business Owner VISA

This VISA comprises of giving traveling rights to people who either have a business to manage or simply own a business. With this VISA, you can stay, travel, have fun and manage your business in Australia without any time-bound. To apply for this VISA, you need to have any of the following VISA:


  • Provisional Business Owner VISA part of Subclass 160.
  • Provisional Senior Executive VISA of Subclass 161.
  • Provisional Investor VISA of Subclass 162
  • Provisional State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner VISA of subclass 163.
  • Provisional State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive VISA of subclass 164.
  • Provisional State/Territory Sponsored Investor VISA of subclass 165.You need to have any of the
 You need to have any of the above-mentioned VISA to obtain this VISA. This also applies while any of these is held by your partner.

Some More Requirements

  • Having one of the above VISA is a necessity but this will only be valid if you are also a citizen of Australia for at least 1 year. It is  allowed even if the total period of 1 year is not regular.
  • Before you actively apply for the application, you need to accumulate some kind of ownership interest in a business(s). The business should be active.
  • The active business should give some proof such as:
  • Owning Business Documentation
  • The net worth of interest ownership.
  • The worth of Business in 2 years (before applying) the value of interest (including your partners if any):
  • 51 percent share and turn over less than 400000 Australian Dollars.
  • 30 percent share with turn over less than 400000 Australian Dollars.
  • 10% of the company that is listed publicly.
  • Proof of your daily existence in the management in some way 


Assets and Employee Needs

Before Applying Subclass 890 Business Owner VISA,​You must have had 100 thousand dollars Business from your Applied Business in 1 year before applying for it.

The applied business needs to show at least two employees that are working full time in the main business. If not, the applicant needs to show something equivalent to that scenario. Employees cannot be citizens of some other country.

  • The  applicant should not be involved in any kind of unfair practice or business that is not according to Australian Law.
  • Although anyone of any age can apply for this VISA, one needs to mention his age on the VISA for proper documentation.

Health and Character Needs

  • The applicant needs to follow every health and character need that is necessary for documentation and to check whether there’s any problem.
  • This includes you and all your family members that are applying for the VISA and are aged 16 or more.
  • This VISA also allows you to apply for a permanent BUSINESS VISA if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Australian values statement

  • For every non-Australian Citizen who is 18 or above should read the Australian Values Statement. Also,
  • Know about culture and life in Australia.
  • Accept the fact that they will respect every Australian Value Statement.



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