Business Talent Permanent 132

Business Talent Permanent Visa (Subclass 132)

The business talent permanent Visa has been a great way to establish a business in Australia and know how to carry on an already established business in Australia. Our Subclass 132 tells you more about the Australian Business Talent Permanent Visa, how to apply, it’s cost and may other things.​

Basic Eligibility

To know the basic eligibility is very important if you want to know more about this field 

  • Be nominated by the Australian state or any of the union territory agency of the government of that particular nation 
  • Be invited to go and apply for the case of visa as well as the 
  • Having particular funding or assets and to raise the requirements

Essential Business History stream

It is very much crucial to have a thorough study of the whole case and then to operate some of the new or the existing one business which is already into the form and has to increase in the future. You must possess some of the knowledge regarding this such as a net value of at least 1.5 million and also an annual business turnover of at least 2 of the fiscal years and you need to apply before the closing. A Total net of the amount approximately 400,000 is the interest in one or more of the business and the period associated with it is around 2 to 4 of the fiscal years. Various other things that you should keep in mind are such as whether you should stay there permanently or temporarily.

The total cost of the entire Visa is AUD 7,855 and the total processing time is dependent on the various amount i.e. 75 % of the applications in which the application is low volume and due to it the unavailability of the many applications, on the other hand, 90% of the applications are unavailable because of the low volume of the applications. 


Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream ​

  • This kind of Visa is for such persons who have already some of the sources in venture capital funding from the member of the council of Australian Investment Council (AIC) which is known as the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited that is AVCAL. On the other hand, Visa allows you to operate a new or existing any of the related business in a country like Australia.


  • It can be concluded that the eligibility includes mainly three of the requirements and significant business history stream involves the net value and an annual business turnover as well as the total net assets of ownership interest and the including of stay and cost and the processing time is also valuable. On the other hand, the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream is having a different requirement which depends upon the conditions and situations. In this case, the stay or cost and the processing time also vary from time to time and which can help people in the future.



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