Canada and Australia Ranked Number 1 To Migrate To

Canada and Australia Ranked Number 1 To Migrate To

Canada and Australia Ranked Number 1 To Migrate To

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Immigration to foreign lands has been a regular phenomenon since the olden times. People from the world wish to migrate to foreign lands to have a better life and get better opportunities. When a person migrates to a foreign land, he looks for the best facilities, favourable health and social security programs, a growing economy, favourable professional and educational opportunities and a forthcoming attitude of the local population. You will be surprised at how well Australia fits into the mould.

The reasons for the location change may vary but immigration does feature as a priority on many people’s minds. According to a recent study, 20 per cent of Canada’s population was found to constitute the immigrants. According to a migration agent, Canada figures on the top of the desired immigration destination. It is followed by Switzerland and Denmark in the second and third positions. Australia proudly occupies the fourth position with its unique feature of being situated in the southern hemisphere. Migration agent Brisbane emphasizes that it is the best destination for people who do not want to face the frigid Canadian winters.

Australia: what Quality of Life to expect there?

Australia scores high on the Quality of Life section with scoring 9 out of 10 points. It does not come as a surprise given the fact that the country is economically and politically stable. To top it, it has a booming job market and health care system at par with global standards. One can have a look at the breakdown of Australia’s score-

9.6Economic stability
8.6Job market
9.9Political stability
8.9Forthcoming and Family-friendly
9.4Public education system
8.7Public Health System
4.9Income Equality

Why people love Australia

It is not only the friendly locals and the scenic beauty, but it is also the pleasant weather that attracts many immigrants from various parts of the world, especially Africa. The excellent health and education system, accompanied by plenty of opportunities for economic growth makes it a favourable option for immigrants. Australia’s booming economy which has a GDP of US $1.3 trillion and houses 24 million people has a host of reasons to be the most preferred immigration destination. The young nation is considered highly competitive and ranks high on the global rankings. The fact that the country makes for an ideal immigration destination is corroborated by the high population of immigrants already there which stands at 30 per cent.

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