Employer Nomination Scheme 186

Subclass 186 Skilled Regional Visa to Live Again

Subclass 186 is a Permanent VISA for Wrokers  who are skilled enough and are nominated by their employer to work while living in Australia.

What Are The Benefits of Subclass 186 VISA?

  • With the help of this VISA, one may stay in Australia as a permanent resident.
  • This VISA allows you to work and study in Australia.
  • One may want to take advantage of the Australian Health Care Scheme for the public.
  • You may bring your folks along with you to live with you in Australia.
  • You have a traveling span of 5 years.

Permanent Residency

This ENS VISA is permanent and you may live in Australia as much as you want.

The grant for permanent residence is given the very day on which you are provided with VISA.

To avoid clashes for citizenship dates, permanent residency will only begin depending upon your present location. If you’re outside Australia, it will be given when you enter it.


Bringing Home with you

It’s easy to bring your folks along with this VISA in Australia by mentioning their name on the applicant’s form.

You may register the names of the family members that are going to be with you while traveling to Australia or else (in case you haven’t decided yet), you may submit their names before the decision for you VISA is taken.

For all the members who are going along with the applicant:

You need to fulfill the minimum Health and Character requirements.

If you have a child or a partner that is dependent on you yet, they aren’t going, you need to elaborate on the reason for such a situation.

Skilled Nomination Visa Requirements

Applicants and the members that are traveling along need to obey every Australian Law.

The employer that nominated you must have a contract with you to work with him for at least 2 years.


The time to start your employment must be initiated within 6 months of you entering Australia or the day you were granted VISA, depending upon the day you were granted the VISA.

How much will it cost?

  • The cost of the VISA itself is around 4045 Australian Dollars. The charges for the family members that are going along is exclusive of the amount given above. Also, the amount does not include costs of Health Check-ups, Police Reports, and Biometric of the applicant and his family members.
  • The cost for an applicant which is 18 or above and does not have fluency or functional English will cost extra. The cost for every family member that moves along with the applicant is about 4890 Australian Dollars.

Application Form

  • If you’re outside Australia you need to follow the basic procedure to fill out the application form.
  • If you’re in Australia while applying for this VISA you need to have your major VISA.


Although there are no limitations on how traveling in and out of Australia, the period for doing so is 5 years. After that, the applicant needs to a subclass 155 or 157 VISA (RRV) to travel back to Australia.

Running and Processing

  • Every application for Subclass 186 is thoroughly analyzed and checked before clearance so it may vary according to many factors like:
  • Whether if the applicant provided the complete documentation and form for the VISA.
  • Applicants response time when called for queries or additional information regarding the queries.
  • Time to perform checks on the additional information provided by the applicant.
  • Checking for availability of a suitable place for migration for a permanent migration applicant.



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