Everything About Australia Working Holiday VISA

Everything About Australia Working Holiday VISA

Everything About Australia Working Holiday VISA

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These days, almost everyone wants to visit Australia in order to explore new places. Since this is the most beautiful country, which attracts so many people towards its beauty. So, if you want to go to Australia in your holidays, then you must go with a working holiday visa. This visa will allow you to work or live there for at least one year.

Australia is the most beautiful countries in the world, that attracts young, energetic, and new graduates, who are looking for an adventure. Well, if you are planning to go to Australia, make sure, you must seek the help of a migration consultant or visa agent also. They will tell you which visa type is right and suitable for you, and how to apply under that category.

A migration agent will tell you what are the necessary documents, that you need to submit along with the application. That’s why we suggest you go with the agents. Moreover, if you want to go on holidays, then you must go with Australia working Holiday visa because this is the visa type, that not only allow you to explore new things but also allows you to work there. You must get proper information about the holiday working visa in detail.

Let’s have to discuss it in the next passage.

About Working Holiday Visa

As we stated above, this visa allows you to explore new things in Australia. Well, if you want to go to Australia, then you must apply for a working visa. In addition to this, this visa is a type of electronic visa, which means you do not need any paper to submit along with your application. For getting a visa, first of all, you must apply online at the official website of the Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection. You have to apply under subclass 417 or 462, this visa allows you to work and live there for one year.

Arrange sufficient funds

Similarly, as a visitor or student visa, you have to prove that you have sufficient funds. If you want to enter Australia, you require-:

  • A bank statement which proves that you have almost AUD 5,000 in your account. This is necessary to show that you will be able to bear the expenses in Australia.
  • You have to show or carry a credit card with you which have the same amount of rupees.
  • You must book a return ticket so that you can get back to your country.

Choose a City

Then you must choose the city where you want to go for a working holiday visa. There are 3 or more cities, where you can enjoy a lot and you will be able to work there because these have so many options or opportunities. These are-:


  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
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