Everything About Declaring Criminal Convictions

Everything About Declaring Criminal Convictions

Everything About Declaring Criminal Convictions

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While applying for the visa there are different things which need to be kept in mind. The requirements need to be fulfilled. Most importantly, if there is any criminal conviction then it needs to be mentioned properly. Read this guide to understand thoroughly about the criminal convictions.

Declaring Criminal Convictions

It is extremely important to be truthful to the Home Affairs Department regarding the previous criminal convictions. If not, there are high chances the Department of Home Affairs will not accept your application. In some cases, there can be a ban of around 3 years to apply for the application in the future. To avoid such mistakes, make sure you talk to our migration agent and they can tell you what you should do.

Fines count as convictions

Our migration consultant have years of experience and they will let you know what can be done in this situation. Many clients think that if they have paid the full fine then it won’t come under a criminal offense of conviction. In reality, the only fine which does not come under this category includes the parking fines or low- level speeding.

Keep in mind the criminal conviction will appear in the same manner on the criminal record.

Does it leave any effect on the Australian Permanent Residency?

The applicant who has not given the detailed criminal conviction will fail to get the PR which he or she has applied for on the previous temporary visa.

For Example, An applicant who applied for the working holiday visa under the subclass 457, did not provide the details about the court fines. Later, he or she applied for permanent residency and later they were asked to submit the police certificates from every country they resided for 12 months. The court finds that they failed to give the relevant information and this will affect their chances to get the Permanent residency.

Declaration of minor criminal convictions is not going to affect the application

Most of the people, with minor criminal convictions like fines, can be managed in the right manner by submitting everything legally and with a Statutory Declaration. Our migration agents can assist in every scenario you want and guide you with what you can do to increase the success chances of visa approval.

Disclose the important information

You need to think very carefully about which information you need to disclose regarding criminal history. If you were ever summoned to the court, charged with an offense, and fined by the magistrate or judge, then all these things need to be mentioned.

If you are not sure which information needs to be disclosed then get in touch with the registered immigration agent and he will let you know about all the relevant information to get your visa granted.

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