Everything you Must know about Skilled Nomination VISA

Everything you Must know about Skilled Nomination VISA

Everything you Must know about Skilled Nomination VISA

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There are various ways to get a permanent visa of Australia. One way that we strictly nominate as the safest is the skilled worker visa wherein the Australian authorized body elects you to be Australia’s part and serve it with your professionally skilled services. There are a few criteria to fulfil before you are granted the visa. The skills assessment test should be cleared and the English test scores should be remarkably fair enough. You can also take your partner and children with you under this visa.

There are various ways to penetrate to get a permanent visa of Australia. A visa consultant can guide you the best for acquiring such visas.

When an Australian state or territory appoints any skilled worker of another country, visa has to be granted and these are those applicants who further would be eligible for applying for a permanent visa. This falls under subclass 190.

Benefits of a Subclass 190 visa

  1. To reside and work in Australia freely and without any restrictions
  2. To work and study simultaneously under any occupation
  3. To lodge yourself with Australia’s healthcare program
  4. To apply for Australia’s citizenship
  5. To sponsor your relatives for applying for the same
  6. To travel outside Australia and back again to Australia any number of times, within five years from the grant

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be below 45 years of age
  2. You must have passed the skills assessment test
  3. You must have scored 65 points or more in the tests
  4. Your IELTS score must be 6 or more in reading, listening, speaking and writing
  5. Your PTE score should be 50in or above in reading, listening, speaking and writing
  6. If not IELTS or PTE, then any relevant and recognized English score shall be considered
  7. You must meet the health requirements
  8. You must meet the character requirements
  9. Your past records must not show a cancelled visa

It is important to submit an expression of interest (EOI) via a Skills select method.

After the invite from the Australian Territory of state, and post the EOI procedure completion, you again got to apply to the relevant Australian body for acceptance of your application and grant you the permission for the visa.

Application for the visa must be submitted within 60 days of the invitation.

You can include your family members like your partner and your dependent children, in your visa application. The time taken for the whole procedure to be done is approximately 10-15 months. The fees for it extends to $4,045 for the main applicant and if you add up any other family member also along with you, then an additional fees ranging between $202 to $1,010 shall be charged.

A migration agent Brisbane will be the right person to guide you on achieving the status in a smooth way. They have an experience to lead you to achieve your nominated visa.

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