How to Get PR in Australia?

Tips To Get Australia PR

It refers to the Permanent residency for Australia. If you have an Australian PR,  you can live and work in Australia for 5 years. The visa status can be changed to citizenship after 3 years of formal work. The PR Australia visa also allows you to take your family along with you to Australia. Migration Agent Brisbane would like to specify the advantages of having an Australian PR.

What does an Australian PR mean to you ?

PR card for foreign workers proves to be beneficial for the Australian government, the territory government as well as foreign workers. Given below are some advantages of PR in Australia-

  1. With an Australian PR, can live and work in any part of the country. The same goes for settling down.
  2. It gives you official permission to take your for the family members with you
  3. It entitles you to avail of free education for your children (up to a certain age).
  4. You will be considered eligible  to sponsor relatives
  5. You and your family will be entitled to work and health benefits
  6. You can travel unrestricted within the country

The Eligibility for Australian PR in 2019

Of course, you will need to meet the eligibility conditions if you wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The eligibility criteria include the following:

Points system: A minimum score of at least 65 points is required under the Point System.

Age: Your age must be less than 45 years 

Language Proficiency: English skills are required as it is the means of communication in the country.

Competent level proficiency in English is required for you to get the PR.

Nomination of occupation: You must be involved in an occupation that has been nominated in Australia’s skilled option list.

Skills Assessment: The Australian authorities will have a skill assessment program in which they will assess your skills.

Health and character assessment: They will also look into the health and character of the applicant. You should prove that you are in good health and possess a clean character.

How much does an Australian PR cost?

The cost for the PR of the primary applicant is $4,045 or 1, 95,000 Indian rupees.

The cost of Australia dependent visa which is for major candidates costs $1876 or 95,180 Indian Rupees.

The cost of Australia dependent visa which is for minor candidates costs $940 Australian dollars or 48,000 Indian rupees.

The amount mentioned above is the basic fee which doesn’t include a skill assessment fee. You will have to pay for it separately, which will be as per your occupation.

Australian PR Point System

Candidates who have applied for the Australian PR are evaluated based on various criteria. It contains  your proficiency in English, age, qualification, and relevant work experience, etc. The people getting 65 points and above are considered as eligible.

If you wish to get the Australian PR, this article will help you in gaining one through the guidelines provided.

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