How to Write your Partner VISA Relationship Statement?

How to Write your Partner VISA Relationship Statement?


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The relationship statement is an important part of your partner visa application.

If you are desirous of applying for an Australian partner visa, then you will have to explain your relationship with your partner in the form of a ‘relationship statement’. This document indicates in detail the nature of your relationship and the time you first met. Usually, it is expected to be 2-3 pages long.  It is used to determine the genuineness of your relationship. It is a crucial part of the partner visa Australia application and necessary to get it right. We, as one of the leading migration agents, want to throw light on how to get it right-

  1. Explain the time and place you first met. The case officer will also want to know how your relationship developed. Was it friendship in the beginning?  He will also want to know the time you knew each other before you started a relationship. It will help if you write this part in a detailed manner.
  2. Ensure that you get your spelling and grammar right and the content is to the point. You should also spell the place’s names, your partner’s name and all the family names correctly.
  3. You must also mention if you have been separated for any long periods. If so, explain how you maintained contact and what the frequency of contact was. Was there regular contact through phone calls and text messages? Which messaging apps or emails did you use if you used them for communication? Did you take the holidays separately? If yes, then how did you maintain contact during that time?
  4. Explain the course of your relationship: how did it develop and when did it become more serious? Did it start after your partner extended support through a difficult time or was some action on their part demonstrated their commitment to you? Also, bring to light the occasion when you introduced your partner to friends and family for the first time.
  5. You will also have to demonstrate the nature of activities and workload sharing of your household. You will have to mention who performs cooking and cleaning. In which manner have you split the responsibilities? Which activities are performed together by you? If there are pets or children at home, then explain how the responsibility is shared and who performs what role?

You will also have to supply some other details like leisure activities enjoyed by you as a couple and the holidays you spent together. Financial details and wedding cards, if you are married will also prove the status of your relationship.

So keep all these points in mind and get the application right.

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