Immigration Policies that Will be Rolling out in 2019

Immigration Policies that Will be Rolling out in 2019

Immigration policies that will be rolling out in 2019

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With more and more people thinking of migrating. The world has become smaller. People desirous of migrating must approach a migration agent for making their case stronger. According to migration agent Brisbane, the applicants who file their applications with the assistance of the migration agent have higher chances of getting the visa. There is a wide range of visa options under which you can apply. This calls for checking out the various policies in effect and the ones in the pipeline. We are here for helping you know the policies ready for being rolled out.

Upcoming visa changes in the Australian context

People who sought a business visa were required to show proof of investment. The condition is not applicable anymore. A good business plan is all you need to start a business. You will have 3 years to prove yourself. You can stay with your family in Australia during this duration.

The introduction of the family violence bill is another favorable change. The bill protects spouses of immigrants living in the country. They are protected if the immigrant has a violent nature. The immigration department also seeks to assess the character and the criminal record of the sponsor and the spouse.

If you are leaving behind old parents in your homeland, it is a possibility that you can take them along with you shortly by applying for a parent visa. The initial allowed duration is 5 years which can be renewed to 10 years later.

It is significant to see and read all the information regarding immigration services. Various online information websites are available for the same. People comfortable in English reading can go through these websites.

Significance of the immigration agent 

At our agency, we know our job well. Our team comprises of agents who have been working for decades and have a lot of experience behind them. The applicant might be new to the process but we know exactly how the system works. We are well versed with the way the application is to be filed, the documents which are to be attached with it, how all the information is to be presented and the eligibility criteria for various categories. Availing the services of an agent is crucial as a candidate can apply under various categories but only the agent knows that which category is suitable for which applicant. Any mismanagement of the above-given criteria can lead to failure of getting a visa. The end result might be the wastage of time, money and efforts. So it is recommended that you avail the services of an agent to get the professional advantage of their expertise and experience.

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