Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Visas

Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Visas

Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Visas

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Millions of people stuck in Australia during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are struggling to return back to home, but they are unable to return. In this case, they need to talk to experts, because they will surely give them a solution. In this blog, you will learn about the impact of COVID-19 on Australian visas.

If a person has a short-term tourist visa and stuck in Australia due to COVID-19, then what to do?

If you are having a short-term tourist visa and accidentally stuck into Australia, then you need to take action immediately. Otherwise, you may lose the chance to apply under another category in the future. Or an immigration may ban you for 3 years, then you will not be able to apply for any visa type, not even tourist visa in Australia. You can also get help from a migration agent in Brisbane, so that you can reduce the risk of ban.

What to do if a person is stuck in Australia due to COVID-19 and he is on a multi-entry visa?

No one can tell you anything about this, because the Australian Government does not clear anything yet on how to handle this situation. You may get permission to extend your visa by lodging an application under another visa category. This is only possible, if you fulfill the requirements of that visa. For more detailed information, you need to visit an experienced agent. He may tell you to go COVID-19 visa, so that you can stay more in Australia.

Who is eligible to travel to Australia in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Australian government categorize people in three groups including-:

  • Australian  citizens, permanent residents and citizens of New Zealand citizens can simply travel or return home during COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure, they have a valid Identity proof such as a  driver’s licence.
  • Thesecond group is made for those, whose family members have Australian citizenship or  permanent residency. This includes, spouse, children, and parents, they can easily apply for a travel visa.
  • The third categories is for those, who travel to Australia to take care of their ill family member or relative. This type of travel is considered as a compelling or compassionate traveling to Australia.

What to do in case my temporary visa is going to expire in a few days?

If you have a student, visitor, or graduate visa, and it is going to be expired in few days, then you can simply apply under bridging visa category. This visa option allows you to stay in Australia for sometime. So, you have to apply for a bridging visa immediately to reduce the risk of travel ban to Australia. For this, you need to get help from an expert or professional consultant.

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