New SubClass Point System to be Included

New SubClass Point System to be Included

New SubClass Point System to be included

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Several people are struggling to move to Australia these days because this is the best country to live, work, and study. In order to lodge an application, you need to understand the necessary factors of visa type, so that you can simply get a visa. For more information, you must visit the migration consultant because he has a great deal of knowledge.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, then you need to understand all the important aspects of the visa process. First of all, you need to understand the requirements of each visa type and how many points you need to lodge an application. This is not as easy as you think to get the visa, you have to go with migration agent Brisbane. Since migration consultant has a great deal of knowledge about everything such as updations in the point system as well.

Well, he will also tell you about new changes in immigration rules and point system as well. You may not know that immigration was introduced new visas in the General Skilled Migration (GSM) category. Apart from this, the Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection also decided to introduce three new regional visas alongside new Sponsored Parent Visa such as subclass 870.

New visa updates and point system as well.

The department recently introduced new changes in certain visa types in Australia. These will be implemented after November 16, 2019, in which Skilled Regional Provisional Visa (subclass 489) is going to replace with new visa types such as Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa (subclass 491). With these changes, the point system will also be updated. You will get the benefit because of the extra points that will be granted by the government.

Parent Visa

The Department of Home Affairs and Border Protection is going to introduce a new visa type known as a Parent visa. In this visa category, applicants can simply apply without any restriction, or they do not need to show financial funds to get a visa. There is no such family test requirement is necessary to get a visa. The rest of the changes will be announced in the month of November 2019. So, you have to wait for at least one month to get proper knowledge of this visa type.

Moreover, the government is going to grant you extra points, so that you can get the benefit. This new point system is for those who want to apply under the de facto relationship. These include-:

  • De facto partner or skilled spouse will be granted with 10 points.
  • An applicant who will be nominated by the territory or state government will get an extra 15 points. This is only valid for those who are going to lodge an application in regional areas.
  • Who has done their education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects will get extra 10 points.
  • 10 points will be granted to single applicants.
  • 5 points in case your de facto partner or spouse has a cracked language proficiency test.
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