Partner Migrant visa Subclass 100 Visa

Partner Migrant VISA Subclass 100: Live together in Australia

This VISA allows the partner or spouse of an Australian Citizen (anyone including Australian Residents and someone eligible for New Zealand Citizenship) to live in Australia permanently. This VISA is usually for the partner who is living temporarily in Australia by Temporary Partner VISA of subclass 309.To obtain this VISA, you need to have a Provisional Partner VISA of subclass 309 or you may have a dependent Child VISA of Subclass 445.

  • This is usually available after 2 years of getting Child VISA Subclass 445 and Provisional Partner VISA Subclass 309.
  • If the relationship exists for a long time or if the sponsor you have had a particular VISA before your application, the period for the waiting window can be less than 2 years.
  • There are some conditions however, that might need some fulfilling.
  • The applicant and the Australian Citizen must be married or in a relationship that exists truly.
  • The relationship should not consist of breaking on and off and needs to be real.
  • There should be a mutual commitment among the partners.

Knowing about Registration

If the Permanent VISA from subclass has an executed procedure after giving the temporary VISA of subclass 309, a redundant copy of those document is not required.In a normal instance, the Subclass 100 VISA is usually given after 2 years from the time you filled the application (the temporary VISA). The time window for the permanent one starts from 1 month before your 2 months expire.The information that is given should be Authentic without any false or misleading info.The applicant needs to show the continuity of their relationship with their spouse or partner.

There are certain ways to prove that:

  • If in marriage, provide your marriage certificate.
  • If in an existing relationship, provide proof for that.
  • The genuine of your relationship should be transparent.
  • Living together or not lived apart permanently is required.
  • You are not somehow related apart from marriage.


It is time to pay the dues

If any of your family members (this includes you) are due to pay any sort of money to the Australian Authority, you need to pay the total amount or in cases where it is a way long term you can apply for a procedure to pay the debt in a formal retrieving way.

Under 18

If the applicant is under 18 and does not desire to travel to Australia or even if it is not practical enough to send him, the arrangement won't be allowed.


If you are in a relationship that is long-term, committed and full of love, you need to discuss your financial matters with each other. Also, this needs to be shared with us as proof.
This can be done by:

  • Joint mortgage or lease documents.
  • Joint loan documents.
  • Joint bank account statements
  • Household bills in both names.


Similar to finances, household matters are also needed to be shared.


Three-fourth of applications are processed in a duration of less than 2 years.



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