Partner Visa Subclass 801

Partner Visa Subclass 801

In order to be able to get Partner VISA of Australia it is necessary that you must be married or or in a de facto (common law) relationship, with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.  It is eligible even if the partner is Interdependent, or of same sex.

You can get sponsored for a period of 2 years under Visa Subclass 801 and after two years if the relationship remains intact you can apply for PR.

Objective of This Visa

The objective of this visa is to enable the non-Australian partners of the Australian residents to join them and immigrate on a permanent basis to do so. Though it is good news for the partners of Australian citizens, it requires some amount of planning and patience. Using this Subclass 801 visa, the couple can get geographically at one place so that they can lead a normal family life. Of course, we understand that geographical separation can be quite destructive for relationships.


Benefits of the Visa Subclass 801

  • He partner gets a permanent stay permit. The holder will have a right to stay, study and work in Australia
  • The holder of this visa is allowed to apply for citizenship after fulfilling the eligibility conditions. Getting citizenship will entitle the holder for more advantages.
  • As mentioned before, the holders of the 801 visa can sponsor their relatives for a PR in Australia.
  • It also entitles the holder of the visa to get social security funds.
  • The holder can travel outside Australia multiple times but will require the person to obtain a different kind of visa is he she wants to enter and exit Australia freely.

Prerequisites for 801 visa

The applicant must hold 820 visa (temporary partner visa) before applying for 801 visa. If you don't know much about the 820 visa, it is a temporary partner visa which is granted for two years. It is so because the government wants to prevent people from showing false relationships just to migrate. The logic behind the duration is that the genuine relationships will survive the two year period but the false relationships will most probably fall through in this period.

Requirements for the 801 Visa

Of course, the person will need to be in a relationship with the partner being an Australian citizen willing to sponsor him or her. He can also be a permanent resident of Australia or be a New Zealand citizen. Another requirement is that both the partners should prove that the relationship is consensual, genuine and both of them live together (only temporary separation has occurred due to the current situation). The couple need not be married but needs to prove that the relationship has a genuine basis.

Why People Choose This Visa?

The applicant will also need to prove that he/she is in good health and possess a good character. This is done to ensure that the new entrant does not pose a safety hazard to the citizens of Australia. Before applying for a partner visa, it is wise to approach an immigration lawyer who will be able to judge your chances of getting the visa. Don't commit the mistake of applying without his advice as it might backfire



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