Places You Must Experience While on a tour to Australian Outback

Places You Must Experience While on a tour to Australian Outback

Places You Must experience while on a tour to australian Outback

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If you love spending time in the exteriors and jungle type locales, then you have one more reason to visit Australia. If you are near Sydney or Melbourne, then the outback nearby is an ideal destination for adventurers. The extensive stretch of land with sparse human population and abundant biodiversity is nothing short of a delight. However, the tedious terrain can be hard for some. In this post, we intend to put forward the highlights of the Outback tour. Of course, you will have to get in touch with a migration agent to realize your Outback dream. If you want to avail a Tourist Visa Australia, you must complete all the formalities related to it. Migration agent Brisbane will help you in getting a tourist visa.

  1. View Aboriginal Rock Art Sites 

If you are an art lover, this one is just right for you. You will get to see some of the most beautiful Aboriginal rock art, some of which dates to more than 50,000 years old. Arnhem Land has one of the most beautiful art rocks.

  1. Camp under the Stars 

Given the fact that the Outback is sparsely populated, there is very little pollution. It paves the way for a clear view of the sky and nearly all the stars with a naked eye or some equipment. An ideal midnight adventure, isn’t it?

  1. Get introduced to the Desert Flora & Fauna Desert Park

Alice Springs Desert Park is one of the few towns in the Northern Area of the Outback (with a population of 25,000) which the travellers are bound to cross at some point. It is not a thing to be missed, because it showcases the flora and fauna with perfection. It also divulges knowledge about which methods help Aboriginal people survive in the desert, along with the adaptation features of the plants and animals of that area.

  1. Ride ‘The Ghan’ Train

The Ghan train travels through 1,851 miles from Adelaide to Darwin through the Outback, stopping in between at Alice Springs. The journey takes 54 hours, so passengers have the provision of sleeping on it for two nights. Opting for this journey will save you a long drive along with providing a scenic tour across the north-south width of Australia. The train gets its name from the Afghan camel traders who used this route in the 19th century.

  1. See Saltwater Crocodiles at Kakadu National Park

The country is home to some of the most dangerous man-eating crocodiles. Kakadu National Park has around 10,000 of them there. But you have to be careful during the visit as they are pretty dangerous.

We don’t think you need more reasons to visit the marvelous country

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