Student VISA Subclass 500

What is Subclass 500 for Student VISA and how to apply for it?

Subclass 500 is a way to Participate in a study course in Australia for which you are eligible for. This Australia Study Visa allows you a temporary period to stay in Australia while you are studying for some eligible course. Irrelevant to the fact that you are here for studying, you can travel outside and come back to Australia without a problem. It also allows you to work for at most 40 hours every week but only after your course starts. Education Embassy – Australia Study VISA Consultant helps you to apply and ease our the process.


The Student VISA Subclass 500 provided under this subclass is valid up to 5 years. Though it is usually determined by the type of the course that the student has applied for and also the duration time for that course to complete.

In the case of Primary School Children, those who are in classes 1 to 4 cannot have a VISA for more than 2 years.


Live Longer

If somehow your VISA expires and you still want to continue study in Australia, you need to apply for a new Student Visa. Do not worry if your VISA expires before you become a Graduate, you can apply for a Visitor VISA i.e. Subclass 600. To stay for your Graduation, the student must have a letter from the Authority of the Educational Institute along with the date of your graduation.

If you’re a mastermind and recently Graduated from a well-recognized Engineering Institute you can make an effort to apply for the Skilled Recognition Graduate VISA i.e. Subclass 476.

Even if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned conditions, you can still explore and try to find a reason that has a solid argument for you to apply for a new VISA.


Family brings Home

  • You can bring your spouse or your spouse’s unmarried and dependent child (who must not be 18 or above) along with you by mentioning them in the VISA application.
  • You need to submit the names of your Family Member as well (even if they are not going with you right now). If not, they won’t be eligible for a student VISA in Australia.
  • The members who are willing to come along with you need to fulfil their Health and Character requirements.

Finance Needed

  • Cost for the main applicant to apply is around 620 Australian Dollars. This, however, can be nullified if the VISA applicant is exempt.
  • The cost of family members is exclusively more that are applying for the VISA, also, the Cost of Health Check-ups, Biometrics, and other Certificates is exclusive as well.


Your VISA will be linked digitally to your passport for no hassle. There is no need for any label in the passport.

Course Selection

  • For every course you enrol, you are required to give the Confirmation of Enrolment. If there are multiple courses you are applying for, the last course on the list determines the main course of your study. Your level in English Language and your financial conditions are determined by your main course of study.
  • Although you can apply for multiple courses, the duration of the gap between each course must be less than 2 months unless they start and end at the standard academic year simultaneously.



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