Temporary Skill Shortage 482

Subclass 482: Temporary Skill Shortage VISA

In the year 2018, a new VISA subclass for work came out, out casting the 457 VISA. This VISA is called Temporary Skill Shortage VISA or TSS.

What is Subclass 482? Is it beneficial? How to get it?

The Temporary Skill Shortage VISA allows you to reside in Australia given that the applicant works full time for an employer that is willing to sponsor the person. They can also take their family members along with them.

Prerequisites for TSS VISA

There are two types for this specific VISA.
Short Term:
If the employer is on temporary basis with you, for instance, 2 years, then you can apply for a Short-Term Skilled Occupations List or STSOL. This VISA will allow you to stay in Australia for 2 Years. This is good for people who would like to test if they can adapt to the environment of Australia as this VISA is renewable.
Long Term:
If the employer seeks long term work from you, then you are suitable for Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. This VISA allows you to stay reside in Australia for 4 years. Another benefit of MLTSSL is that you can apply for permanent residency after 3rd year of your stay.



Qualifications Required

Whatever your skill set is, it must be on the Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations. It is the responsibility of employer to send you for the occupation that matches the list. You cannot lie on it as the Department of Home Affairs uses Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation as a tool to check whether the duties the applicant has been for are synchronizing with the Job Role.

If the Position and the history of the applicant does not match, the application is rejected by the DIBP.

Skill Set

  • It is important to have a matching skill set with the job profile. Although working environment is a flexible place to indulge in, applicants applying for TSS VISA must have at least 2 years of prior experience in the same field. As mentioned, the DIBP can bring out the entire history of the applicant and if anything does not match, it can lead to application failure.

Everything Else

  • One needs to fulfill his documents. This Includes Health and Character certificate as well.
  • Another thing that needs to be clean is the police record of a person where he has lived for at least 1 year after he is 16. This also includes that this living procedure must be there within last 10 years.

Wages of the Applicant

Standard Business Sponsorship includes the facts that the employer needs to show his practice of lawful and active operation in Australia.

Applying for TSS VISA

Standard Business Sponsorship includes the facts that the employer needs to show his practice of lawful and active operation in Australia.

  • This includes:
  • Correct ABN.
  • Registration of the name of the Business.
  • Accurate Business Activity Statements
  • Lawfully Accurate Business Financial Statements
  • This also includes following Australian Laws and having a comfortable environment for a workplace.



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