Things You Must know About Bridging VISA Australia

Things You Must know About Bridging VISA Australia

Things You Must know about Bridging VISA Australia

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This is not so easy to get Australia visa, because this country has too strict rules. And you have to fulfil all the requirements and conditions of every visa type. In this article, you will learn about bridging visas and their type. So you must read it carefully at the end.

Do you know anything about bridging visas or want to know about this visa? Well, this visa type is explained as a connection between your previous visa and visa under which you are going to apply. In addition to this, this visa allows you to live in Australia only for some time legally. For more information, you must talk to our migration agent Brisbane, since he has the ability to guide you well about each visa type as well. Our Australia migration agent has a great deal of knowledge about bridging visas such as what is this visa and why immigration offers you this visa and what is the time limit to stay in Australia on this visa.

Here are several conditions in which immigration give this bridging visa to people-:

  • If your visa has ended and you are waiting to finish the previous visa application.
  • If you have selected for Administrative Appeal Tribunal due to visa dismissal or rejection as well.
  • If you have asked for a Minister’s decision on your application.
  • If you are unable to fulfil the requirements of a previous visa or visa is going to be expiring and you do not have any way to stay in Australia.

You can get detailed information about this visa from the migration consultant Brisbane. Well, there are several types of bridging visas; you need to understand in order to know that in which category you are lying.

Types of Australian Bridging VISAS

Bridging Visa A (BVA): This type of visa refers to a condition when your current visa has ended and you are preparing your genuine application. In this case, Bridging visa A enables you to remain in Australia for some time.

Bridging Visa B (BVB): This visa type enables you to remain in Australia when you are sitting tight for the acknowledgment of the genuine visa application.

Bridging Visa C (BVC): This visa type is given to them who are non-Australian individuals and want to stop a substantial visa application.


  • Bridging Visa D (BVD): This bridging visa type allows you to remain in Australia only for a short period. In this category, you do not work in Australia and after some time you have to leave the country. 


So, these are the types of bridging visas, except there are two more types such as Bridging visa E and F. so you must get information from the migration agent.

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