Time it Takes to Get Australian Citizenship?

Time it Takes to Get Australian Citizenship?

Time it takes to Get Australian Citizenship

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Australia is a beautiful country, that attracts so many people toward it. If you are residing in Australia and struggling to get Citizenship, then you must visit the migration agents or read this article carefully at the end. Since we are going to give you detailed information about this.

This is not an easy task to get an Australian citizen, you have to fulfill several requirements and conditions as well. If you do not have proper knowledge about the citizenship process, then you have to visit the migration agent Brisbane. Our migration consultant has a great deal of knowledge about citizenship, they will offer you valuable advice and guidance throughout the citizenship procedure. In addition to this, there are basically three types of applications such as-:

  • Conferral
  • Descent
  • Evidence

These three factors are designed to calculate the processing time of citizenship. Well, if you are applying from outside Australia, then you need to understand how much time these all three applications take a little long time plus 10 days additional. You may not know that these 10 days are needed for printing and postage of certificate for Descent and Evidence applications.

Let’s have a look at these application types.

Conferral Application Type

In the conferral application type, the processing time from submission to the ceremony of Australian Citizenship is near about 10 months for at least 75% of applications and almost 90% of applications take 12 months.

Descent Application Type

In this Descent application type processing time is almost 63 days from the submission for almost 75% of applications. However, the processing time for at least 90% of applications is 4 months.

Evidence Application Type

This application type has very little time as compared to others because in this 75% of applications are processed almost in 5 days and 90% of applications are processed in 12 days.

Well, several people complain that they have to wait for a long time for Australian citizenship. There are some situations that affect the processing time of your citizenship. These are-:

  • Whether you have lodged an application with all the necessary documents or not.
  • It also matters, how instantly you respond to the requests that are made by the immigration and higher authorities for additional information about your application and yourself.
  • Well, this is also another important factor that can affect your application processing time. For instance, How much time higher authorities take in order to examine your application and supporting information as well.

So these are factors that may affect your citizenship processing time. If you are still in doubt about processing time and requirements as well, then you must visit the migration agents.

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