Updates Related to Covid 19 VISA

Updates Related to Covid 19 VISA

Updates Related to Covid 19 VISA

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It is not an easy task to get an Australian visa, you have to talk to a migration agent to apply under a suitable visa category. For this, you have to read the given article, because we are going to give you proper information about everything or COVID 19 visa category.

The Australian government has implemented a flexible and provisional visa to support Australian public health initiatives in response to COVID-19,

The Department of Home affairs and border protection recently implements the visa named Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) Stream Visa. This type of visa is additionally known as COVID-19 Visa, which is used to handle the unusual situations that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic case. The intervention is of a provisional sort, will be subject to constant examination and will be rolled down progressively in accordance with the conclusion of the pandemic.

You can get proper information about this visa from a migration agent because he knows everything in detail about this visa type.

Who can apply under this visa category?

COVID-19 Pandemic Visa is open to people who are-:

In Australia

  • People who are unlikely to leave Australia due to COVID-19
  • People who have only 28 days or fewer left on their existing visas.
  • People whose last temporary visa expired fewer than 28 days earlier
  • People who are not eligible for any other visa on the grounds of their planned operation
  • People who have confirmation from their employer that they have continuing employment in Australia.

Working in critical sectors

Working holiday makers employed in vital sectors include-:

  • Agriculture
  • Food processing units
  • Health care and elderly care
  • Injury and childcare.
  • People who are not qualified for any other visa.
  • People who are unable to get back to their native nation can apply under this COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa category.
  • If you are a Seasonal worker Program Visa holder, and your schedule or visa is going to expire next month, then you can apply under a COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa.

Many temporary holders of visas may apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Case Visa only if there are no many visa alternatives. Also, you can apply under this category, only if you are unable to leave this country because of COVID 19. This visa category permits you to live and work lawfully in Australia until you feel secure and convenient to get back to your native country.

With this visa, you can live or work in Australia for 1 year. After 12 months, you can extend your stay extension in Australia, but only after getting information about terms and conditions from expert migration agents.

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