What are the types of Australian Study Visa?

What are the types of Australian Study Visa?

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Student who is not a citizen of Australia and wants to study in Australia will need an Australian study visa. The student visa is needed when the student wants to enroll in a course that lasts for 4 months or more. For your understanding we have mentioned various types of Australian study visas in this guide.

Types of Australian Study Visa

There are 8 different types of Australian student visas which can student can opt for according to their need. Here is the list of different categories:


  • School Sector Visa: Subclass 571


Students from other nations who want to study a school course for on a regular basis can opt for this visa. The study course can be a secondary school course, primary school course which also includes junior and senior secondary or exchange program by an approved secondary school.

For a better understanding of the study visa Australia, it is best to take the help of the migration agent. Their experience and up-to-date knowledge will help you choose the best visa type and you will also get it on time.


  • Independent ELICOS Sector visa: Subclass 570


International students who want to study regular ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students). If a student wants to enroll in this course then there is a need to apply in the subclass which is relevant in this course.


  • High Education sector visa: Subclass 573


The student who wants to pursue a course in Australia a higher education course on a regular basis like a graduate diploma, a graduate certificate, or a bachelor’s degree.


  • Vocational Education and Training Sector visa: Subclass 572


International students who want to study a training course and vocational education which also include Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Certificate I, II, III, and IV.


  • Non-Award Sector visa: Subclass 575


This visa for international students who are looking to stay & study on a regular basis regularly like the course of non-award foundation studies or any other course regularly which does lead to any award of Australia.


  • Defence Sector Visa or Foreign Affairs: Subclass 576


This visa is for students from other nations who got sponsorship by Defence or AusAID so that they get to study a full-time course of their choice in Australia.


  • Postgraduate Research Sector Visa: Subclass 574


The student who wants to pursue a course in Australia to complete their postgraduate research like a Doctoral degree.


  • Student Guardian Visa: Subclass 580


This visa is beneficial to international students looking to stay & study in Australia.

-As the international student’s guardian who is younger than 18 years and they want to study in Australia.

– In certain cases, students over 18 years can have a guardian who wants to study in Australia.

For a better understanding of the different visas in detail, you should seek help from the Migration consultant.

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