What is 407 Training VISA?

What is 407 Training VISA?

What is 407 Training VISA

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407 Training visa is helpful for the Australian employees to increase their business by giving the suitable nominee a chance to work and stay in Australia. For the nominee and sponsor, there are certain requirements that should be followed. Read the given topic, to know more about the 407 training visa.

407 training visa is introduced to promote the Australian business to sponsor people to travel as well as stay in Australia for workplace occupational training. Three main occupational training types included in this subclass:

  • Workplace-based training needed for registration
  • The training which promotes the capacity building overseas
  • Structured workplace-based training to get skills for an eligible occupation

This is a sponsored visa type. If the organization applies for the training, research, or professional development and they get the approval for this visa type then they will be able to sponsor the Training Visa (Subclass 407). The visa is approved for a time for 5 years and it gives the option to nominate as many clients you like.

With this, you can work in Australia for 2 years and at the end of the training, it can be renewed. The visa holders have restricted rights and if anything is done not relevant to the visa then the visa is canceled. For a proper understanding of this visa type, you should seek help from our migration agent Brisbane.

Stages of application

There are 3 stages in the application for the 407 Training visa.

Sponsorship Application

This application should be sponsored by the sponsoring organization which helps in becoming the sponsor for temporary activities.

In case you want to change the sponsor then a new nomination application should be lodged and can training only starts after nomination approval.

Nomination Application

This application is applied by sponsoring the company to nominate the applicant for training. The candidate should have the experience who wants to get the training. To be part of nomination type 2 then you should:

  • The nominee should have experience for 12 months.
  • The occupation should be in link with the 6-digit code mentioned in the ANZSCO.

The level of skill is checked which includes experience and qualification. According to the nominee needs the training program is made. To not miss out on anything you should contact our migration consultant.

Visa Application

  • Age: The applicant should be 18.
  • Functional English: Meet the requirements for Functional English
  • Health insurance: Proper arrangements for health insurance
  • Genuine temporary entry: Genuinely intends to stay for the duration of the training
  • Financial support: Proper financial support for their entire stay.

Public interest criteria

  • Passing Character test
  • Security
  • Should not have any outstanding debts to the Commonwealth
  • Undergone proper medical assessment
  • Understanding Australian values

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