What to do if you have overstayed your visa in Australia?

What to do if you have overstayed your visa in Australia?

What to do if you have overstayed your visa in Australia

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It can be quite stressful if you have overstayed your visa option. Do not think that there is no option in this case. You need to consult the migration consultant as they tell you how you can proceed further. Read the given topic, to choose the right option in case you have overstayed your Australian visa.

Applying for the onshore visa after an overstay

In this case, the visa option will depend on whether or not you have been refused a visa since you have arrived in Australia. Additionally, the amount of time you have overstayed illegally will be kept in mind. You will only be able to apply for a Protection visa, Child visa on-shore, or partner visa under the subject of section 48 bar. With this, the applicant is not able to apply for further visa applications whose have been rejected visa in the past or the visa got canceled the first time. There are few exceptions and you can apply. Make sure to contact our migration agent to go through the entire process with you.

What if I am in a relationship with an Australian citizen and want to apply for a partner visa after overstaying on the visa?

The applicants who are in a relationship with an Australian citizen can apply for a partner visa but there are few restrictions and regulations which should be kept in mind to know about your eligibility.

Talk to our visa agent in Brisbane and check what all the regulations are. The relationship needs to be genuine. But, if something goes wrong then it can seem you are an unlawful citizen. If you have some circumstances then the regulations can be avoided.

Requirements for the partner visa

  • To be eligible to apply for the Partner visa, you need to be in a de facto relation or married to the partner when you apply for the visa.
  • Sponsorship needs to be given by eligible people.
  • Give proof that your relationship is genuine and you both have a mutual understanding to share your life as a wife and husband.
  • Meet the character and health requirements.
  • You need to show that you are living together. If not, then you need to show that your separation is just for the temporary purpose.

Some of the additional requirements

  • Give proof that you and your partner are in a de facto relationship for one year before lodging for the application.
  • When the visa application is both of the partners need to be 18 years or above.

Contact the experts

Keep in mind, the department will assess the application of the Partner visa. Our team will assist you to make the right decision. Depending on the complexity of the case, the professional fees can vary in every case.

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