What to do when your visa is denied?

What to do when your visa is denied?

What to do when your visa is denied

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You might have heard the horror stories from your friend or family member that everything was going well but suddenly their visa got denied. Visa denial frequency is increasing which can actually be a big headache. Read the topic to know what you should do when your visa gets denied.

Utilizing the time after visa refusal or cancellation

It is very important that you should be quick in planning what needs to be done after the visa refusal. The ideal choice is that you work with the migration agent as they will ensure that all your documents and forms are proper as well as submitted on time. This way the risk of visa denial is reduced. Failing in the first attempt can increase the complications in the second attempt. With the MRT appeal, the negative decision is reviewed and can be reversed also.

Consider the AAT appeal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal is an autonomous review body that reviews the decision made by the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship), the main focus is given to visa denial and cancellation decisions. In case your visa has been refused and you want to appeal against the decision then consider the option of AAT appeal. Under the ATT review decision, there are 3 main divisions which are made by the Immigration Department.

  • AAT General Division

This division checks the Citizenship issue, character problem which includes the Migration Act 1958 section 501 refusals, and matters of the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA).

  • AAT Migration and Refugee Division

The MRD (Migration and Refugee Division) checks the decisions linked to refugee and migration visa denial which include nomination and sponsorship refusal along with canceled visas.

  • AAT Immigration Assessment Authority

One of the independent divisions is Immigration Assessment Authority which manages the fast track decision making linked with Protection visas.

The best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is by consulting our migration agent Brisbane. Our entire team is highly experienced and they are aware of the different visas.

Common Visa problems

There are a few reasons which can lead to visa refusal or cancellation. If this happens, then it is possible that you get deported and detained. You can also get prohibited from applying for a visa in the future. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Failing the character test
  • Submitting incorrect information
  • Breaching visa terms and conditions
  • Health concerns

What needs to be done in Visa Refusal or Cancellation?

If you get to know your visa is denied or canceled, then you need to respond very quickly by taking the help of the registered migration consultant. They will prevent the issues or delays which can trigger the visa refusal. Get in touch with our team for the best advice.

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